Tuesday, December 15, 2009



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  1. Hello, Fong Qian !

    I was blog-walking and noticed that you have used my old blogspot url for your blog !

    ( http://kristy1994nunis.blogspot.com )

    Do you know that you could change it...?

    1. Sign into Blogger.
    2. View your blog.
    3. Click "Customize" on your blog's Navbar (situated on the top part of your blog)
    4. Click "Settings" tab (next to "Layout" tab)
    5. Click "Publishing" tab (next to "Basic" under "Settings")
    6. Type in you own "Blog*Spot Address"/ url replacing "kristy1994nunis".
    7. Verify by typing the words you see in the image !
    8. Click "Save Settings"

    That's it...Good luck !

    Kristy Anne Nunis
    (Founder of "The Nunis")

    Please reply me as soon as you can :
    My new Blog- http://nunisonline.blogspot.com/
    Email- kristy1994nunis@hotmail.com